TouchPal Arabic Language Pack
1.59MB | 4.8
TouchPal Arabic Language Pack截图
TouchPal Arabic Language Pack截图
TouchPal Arabic Language Pack截图
Arabic Pack exclusive for TouchPal KeyboardAfter installing TouchPal Keyboard in your mobile phone, you can download this "TouchPal Hebrew Pack" if you would like to use Arabic Input method.(this apk could not be used independently)
Annoyed by typing errors on touchscreen? Can't bear with the poor built-in input methods? Now you have a choice! TouchPal Input, the most innovative soft keyboard!It's the Global Champion of GSMA Mobile Innovation Award.Unique patented technologies in TouchPal:
1. TouchPal Curve brings prediction to sliding
2. Intelligent whole sentence prediction. Say goodbye to phrase input.3. Magic mistyping correction on Full QWERTY layout. Blind typing is no longer a dream!
4. Combination of PinYin and handwriting. Quick stroke-filter after inputting whole or part of the PinYin. Farewell to inconvenient word selection.5. Mixed input of English and Chinese. No need to switch in between. Automatically detect English words.
6. Innovation of T+ dual-letter layout. Rather bigger keys than QWERTY!Other functions:- Voice input (system requirement: Android 2.2 or above)- Smart Prediction (It may save up to 80% of keystrokes)- Outstanding dictionary with online update - Import contact list to your user dictionary- Backup/restore user dictionary in SD card- Slide down on keys to quickly input number and symbols- Fantastic sliding experience- Press space to input associational word- Support GBK character set (For rare words, this option is recommended)- Traditional Chinese Mode; Strengthen Cantonese dictionaryAfter installation, you can choose our input method in the “Setting” => “Local & text”; then long press in any input field and select ”Input Method ” -> “TouchPal Input”.-----------------We sincerely recommend you another TouchPal product: TouchPal Dialer. TouchPal Dialer is to help people find the contacts and make the calls easily and quickly. There are also some unique features to help in roaming and enhance the dialing user experience.-----------------Follow us o
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