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The description of Freeletics – Workout App 1. Train with only your own bodyweight - Anytime and anywhere
2. Suitable for both beginner and advanced fitness levels
3. Customizable for muscle building or weight loss
4. Highly effective workouts developed by athletes scientists
5. Guaranteed results with the 100% personalized coach*
6. You are not alone ñ there are more than 6 million Free Athletes to motivate you during your training
7. Constant new challenges - more than 700 workout variations
FREELETICS is an extremely effective training program to become healthier, fitter, more motivated and more energetic.
Freeletics is not just an app, but a sport and passionate community of over 6 million Free Athletes worldwide. Become a part of the movement and experience maximum progress and guaranteed results, whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or both. Train anytime, anywhere regardless of your fitness level. Build muscle without equipment and weights. Your workout for home or outside. No more excuses.
As seen in GQ Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Glamour:
- "The smartphone app replaces a gym." - Shape
- "The results are incredible." - Instyle
- ìTrain like the Gods. - Mens Fitness
- ìThe app successfully establishes that working out gym-free, with the aid of nothing but your own willpower, can go head-to-head with our heavy metal culture. - Mens Health
- A 100% individualized and personalized fitness program, tailored to your fitness level and goals
- More than 700
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