Gold Radar Scanner
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Gold Radar Scanner截图
Gold Radar Scanner截图
Gold Radar Scanner截图
Discover gold objects in your surroundings with Gold Radar Scanner.Use your mobile phone to detect gold objects nearby.Turn your cell phone into real gold detector device and impress everybody.Gold Radar Scanner is using magnetic sensor and other sensors of your android phone and attempts to detectgold magnetic field.People are for centuries trying to find gold , now is all possible with Gold Radar Scanner app. Become a Gold Miner now.Revive a Gold Rush again!When gold object is found you will get distance reading.In addition to the existing ghost radar , UFO radar , and various others metal detector applications Gold Radar Scanner applicationis real refresher.And what is best, it's completely free.To keep this app 100% free, this application uses notification ads.Please , note that this application is for entertainment purposes only.
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