Ultimate Backup
5.26MB | 3.1.2
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Ultimate Backup is much more than a backup utility, it is the ultimate app management tool! You can backup, restore, freeze, uninstall, sync to cloud, kill tasks and much more.
For fast and friendly support please email us at jrummy.apps@gmail.com. We will be glad to help answer your questions or concerns.
Ultimate Backup (Free) features:
Backup to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or local storage
Backup/testore calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi, messages, etc.
Freeze system and user apps
APK installer
Task Manager
App uninstaller
Convert user apps to system apps or vice versa
Link apps to Google Play and set automatic updates
Kill or force close any running app
Select apps to kill at boot
Create app groups and multi-select apps
Send or share your apps
View application Google Play details
Explore an app's data and APK file
Clear app data and cache
Fix permissions (stops force closes) on apps
Create and restore Nandroid backups (CWMR, TWRP)
Ultimate Backup (Premium) features:
Restore from cloud
Auto backup/delete
Batch operations
Extract advanced restore from nandroid backups
Advanced freezer
Zipalign apps
Kill apps at boot
Remove ads
Note: If your phone is not rooted the app will be limited in some features.
Why do you need so many permissions?
Contacts - Backup call log and sms
SMS - Backup call log and sms
Accounts - Backup and restore from Google Drive
Superuser - Backup application data
终极备份是远远超过备份实用程序,它是 的最终应用管理工具!您可以备份,恢复,冻结,卸载,同步到云,杀死任务,等等。
对于快速和友好的支持,请给我们发电子邮件在jrummy.apps @ gmail.com。我们将很高兴回答您的问题或疑虑。
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