Girl Voice Changer
2.72MB | 1.0.0
Girl Voice Changer截图
Girl Voice Changer截图
Girl Voice Changer截图
Description: Girl voice changer is an entertainment App. This app Changes your voice into Different tone girl voice.A great app to have fun while you are with a group of friends or in a party.Girl Voice Changer Let you hear your Voice into girl voice.Usage: All you have to do is to press the record button, record your voice and the app will convert the voice into girl voice. you can also change the voice into girl voice of different age group.Features :* Baby voice.* Ten year girl voice.* 16 year girl* 24 year girl voice.* Old women voice.Additional Features:*Scary Voice : The App will change the tone and frequency of your voice ,As if some Ghost voice.(very scary Voice).*Prank Funny Voice : that's really funny feature which change the tone and make your voice sound very funny.Note:it&
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