Onix Music Player
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Presenting the best and powerful material design music player and music video player with Equalizer, Virtualizer, Bassboost, Lyrics and Tag editor and Album art downloader.The audio player supports mp3, m4a, flacc, wav and lots more. Equalizer - 5 bands, Edit tags, Download Album art, Browse and EDIT LYRICS. Search music videos. Create, edit and delete playlists. Play by genre, artists, albums and folders. Stream the latest and most trending music videos from all over the world..
# 5 band Equalizer with Virtualizer and Bass Boost to enhance music playback
# Material design
# Album art downloader
# Organize and play your music/audio files by Albums, Genres, Artists and Music Folders.
# Watch and play hundreds of HOTTEST & most TRENDING Music videos from all over the world
# Edit TAGS, browse and edit LYRICS, and ALBUM Covers
# Create, edit and manage Playlists.
# Search for music videos of your favorite songs directly with this app.
# Download artist images and biography from LAST.FM
# Mark songs, albums and artists as your Favorites
# Flexibility to users to enable or disable features, choose among several gorgeous skins and themes
# Smooth and unmatched design
# Gapless music playback
# Auto playlists based on your most played and recently played songs and music albums
# Artist Biographies along with social media profiles. No other music player out there offers this feature
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