NAO日志 NAO Logger
7.66MB | 4.0.23
NAO日志 NAO Logger截图
NAO日志 NAO Logger截图
NAO日志 NAO Logger截图
NAO日志 NAO Logger截图
NAO Logger is part of the easy-to-use Indoor Location tool suite available through NAO Cloud. NAO Cloud is the first Worldwide Indoor Location-As-A-Service platform. Delivered by Pole Star, it includes NAO Campus, the best-in-class indoor location solution.
This version of NAO Logger allows you to test the Android flavor of NAO Campus based on existing Wi-Fi signals + advanced sensor fusion.
To use NAO Logger, you need a NAO Cloud account: click here ( to sign up and enjoy the FREE 30 day trial on Android OS.
Indoor Location is now faster and easier than ever, and you can set up your service within a few minutes!
1/ Upload the floor plans of your building on NAO Cloud’s web interface and follow the guidelines
2/ Perform Wi-Fi measurements in the building using NAO Logger.
3/ Demonstrate solution to your customers on NAO Logger.
- NAO Campus is also available on others OSs and can also work using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. For more information, contact us on (
- The NAO Logger terms of services ( and privacy policy ( are included and available in NAO Cloud. Click here ( to learn more about NAO Cloud’s features.
- For any technical question, comments, suggestions or bug reports, please contact our support team at
NAO Logger是通过孬云易于使用的室内定位的工具套件可用的一部分。 NAO云是第一个全球室内定位 - 作为一种服务平台。由北极星交付,它包括NAO校园,最好的一流的室内定位解决方案。
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