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Smart Tutor截图
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DescriptionSmart Tutor is an easy, quick and safe means of consulting for Android smart phone and tablet series. It can be used to diagnose your device remotely in order to optimize device performance and give functional advice. Diagnoses can be requested for the following: Data transfer, backup and restore New features advice Software update check Account settings (Samsung/Google/email/etc.)How to get started1. Download the "Smart Tutor" from Google play store and install on our Android device. * From Galaxy S5, please download Smart Tutor via the Galaxy Essential widget (this features may differ by region or nations.)2. Make a phone call to the SAMSUNG Contact center. After agreeing "Terms and Conditions", the phone number of contact center will be displayed.(Because it is depending on country)3. Enter the 6 digits connection code given by a tech expert.4. Once connected, a tech expert will diagnose your mobile.5. If you want to terminate "Smart Tutor", please tap "Disconnect" menu.B
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