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What's New in revamp version 3
Read, comment on or contribute stories -- and have fun doing it. The new version of the Stomp app has been created to give our passionate fans and citizen journalists the ultimate user experience. New and improved features, powerful visuals and rich, informative content seven days a week: We present to you the all-new Stomp app.
Stomp Assignment (NEW)
- You, the Stomper, are our eyes and ears. You will be notified in real time when there's something juicy and interesting happening somewhere. And if you happen to be at the scene, unleash the Stomper in you, whip out your phone and start Stomping!
New UI
- More often than not, looks are everything. So our team has worked hard to give you a darn good-looking user interface to make your reading experience a seamless, visual pleasure.
Faster Loading Time
- Tweaks made on the back end means less data consumption. In other words, you spend less time waiting and more time reading and sharing!
- You can get right down to using the app on the get-go, if that's how you roll. But if you prefer a walk-through, you can play the tutorial from Settings.
Content, Content, Content
- You now have more content to choose from. Read articles from the various sections on Stomp: Singapore Seen (all stories contributed by our citizen journalists); Lollipop (read the hottest celebrity gossips and news); Youthphoria (interesting stories for youth to make you feel young at heart); Club Stomp (for thousands of photos of hunks, babes and all things beautiful).
Cool photo features for visual creatures
- The new thumbnail feature for our photo galleries allows you to choose which photos you want to see.
- Click on the main photo of any article to instantly enlarge it. Then swipe left and right to view all the photos in the gallery.
- The total number of photos in every gallery is indicated in the photo gallery icon in bottom left hand corner.
- No time to read a story? Simply bookmark it to read later.
Portrait & Landscape mode
- Po
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