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SoulissApp let you to be in touch with your home devices and Things directly from Android smartphone. It is part of the open-source Souliss project. Using SoulissApp you can have control of:
- Light LED Strip and standard bulb,
- Motorized windows and HVAC,
- Read enviroments data (temperature, humidity and others).
Generally whatever appliance runs behind a supported microcontroller, like your Arduino, can be a Souliss enabled device. You'll need a deployed Souliss installation in order to use this app profitably, get code and instruction on project website
The Souliss project is completely open-source and let you build yourhome automation system in a quick and cheap way, you can automate a small home and customize behaviours with scenaries and programs. Actually several boards (based on Arduino / Atmel AVRs / ESP8266) and communication interfaces are supported, including Ethernet, Wireless and WiFi. The project is very cheap to build, you can build an entire system with as low as a few hundred dollars. Some time is anyway required to configure your Arduino-compatible home control, so please take your time to explore Souliss home automation framework first.
- Configuration-less, automatically detects nodes and devices in your network;
- Support enviromental measurement (like temp and humidity), Lights and LED Strip, Air Conditioners (IRs) and others;
- Automate group actions and commands using Scenarios;
- Automate your behaviors using Programs (on time, geo or sensor based);
- Local Database for historical data;
- Battery-efficient event-based communication;
- Tablet support and optimizations;
- Customizable Looks & Feel.
You'll need a deployed Souliss installation in order to use this app profitably. You'll remotely control your home lights, heating and any other devices supported by Souliss.
- 光LED灯条和标准灯泡,
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