Snow Trails by RiderX
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Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX截图
Snow Trails by RiderX - Version 4.0. Brand new from the ground up, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the name and our commitment to building the best rider experience. At the core of this experience is our new map, purpose built with feedback from our community of 250,000+ riders.
Offline Optimized. We know some of the best riding isn’t around cell service, so our new mapping engine is not only optimized for low cellular service situations, it works with no cell service at all. With new state and province-wide snowmobile trail map downloads, you always have the map with you.
In-depth Trail and Park Information. Riders have already found the value in our 170,000+ miles of snowmobile trails, now we take that to the next level with in depth local ride info.
Finding new places. We have included enhanced snow depth data so you can find the snow, while also expanding our points of interest and business listings. You can locate trip needs whether you’re riding in a familiar area or exploring somewhere completely new.
Manage your Snowmobiles. After the ride, your virtual garage allows you to keep tabs on your sled plus any other powersport equipment you have. The virtual garage includes a manual maintenance log so your sled is always ready for your next ride.
Snow Trails by RiderX is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.
*Note - Android versions below 4.3 may encounter compatibility issues with certain features.
雪道上通过RiderX - 4.0版。品牌从地上爬起来的新,这并没有改变的仅仅是名称和我们打造最好的车手体验的承诺。在本次体验的核心是我们的新地图,目的从我们的250,000车友社区建有反馈。
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