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Improve your productivity and efficiency. Bluetooth connectivity to barcode scanners supported.
Easy application limited to the minimum necessary actions.
If you don't use an external barcode scanner, an internal camera barcode scanner is provided to enter codes quickly and avoid entering mistakes.
Mobilid is developed to connect to multiple systems: For the moment a connector to the Dolibarr Open Source ERP system is provided.
A demo Dolibarr URL wel be preloaded in the settings screen, you can try the app with this demo ERP system.
Modular system, each module is designed for a specific enterprise process.
Available modules:
Module to do product inventory.
Different options to find the product:
- Select from list, filtering possible.
- Scan product by built-in camera barcode scanner.
- Barcode scanning with optional Wireless bluetooth scanner.
Inventory capabilities:
- Easy entry of product count.
- Possibility to transfer to another warehouse.
- Detailed product information on demand.
- Add photo off your product.
Module to collect customer orders.
Simple order selection:
- Selection from sorted and classified list.
- Multi user, selected orders will be locked for other users.
- Order code barcode scanning by built-in camera.
- Order code barcode scanning via optional Wireless bluetooth scanner.
Picking capabilities:
- Simple entry of picked product numbers.
- Pick by scanning product barcode
- Possibility of picking from multiple warehouses.
- Detailed order and product information on demand.
Module to contact Prospects and make appointments.
Search prospects and contacts:
- Select from searchable company list.
- Filter company list on category, town and progress status.
- Sort on all available parameters.
- Processed company will be locked for other users.
- Add or modify company attributes.
- Add or modify contacts.
- Call or send message to company or contact.
Agenda capabilities:
- Browse and modify available agenda entry's.
- Add new agenda task.
- Search for free time-slots in agenda.
- Task assi
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