ACE-Contraceptive Eligibility
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ACE-Contraceptive Eligibility截图
ACE-Contraceptive Eligibility截图
ACE-Contraceptive Eligibility截图
Application for Contraceptive EligibilityThe ACE mobile app gives family planning providers an easy and effective way to check whether clients are medically eligible to start using certain contraceptive methods. Based on the popular and trusted Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers (2011 edition), ACE reflects the latest family planning guidance from the World Health Organization’s Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use. The Global Handbook is published by the World Health Organization and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ∙ Center for Communication Programs with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development.Health workers can use ACE in two ways:-If a client already has a contraceptive method in mind, the health worker can use ACE to c
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